Bungie Explains Halo Reach’s Success To Us In Numbers
Sep 23rd 2010, 9:51 pm EST

Although the game has barely been out for a week, Halo Reach has managed to accomplish some amazing things in such a short time. Bungie has records the stats of everything in Halo Reach and what those numbers have to say is incredible. According to Bungie, Halo Reach had four times as many online players in the first week while also demolishing Halo 3′s record for the most number of concurrent players by more than 65%! What is more impressive are these numbers taken for Halo Reach over the past week:

  • 70 Million+ Games have been played
  • 235 Million+ Player-Games have been played
  • 2 Million+ Files have been uploaded to File Shares
  • 5,901 man-years have been spent in online Reach games (sorry, Corporate America!)
  • 20 Million Daily challenges have been completed
  • 709,840 Weekly challenges have been completed
  • 165 Billion Credits have been earned

Source: Bungie Blog

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