First Resistance 3 images show little hope for humanity’s survival [UPDATE]
Sep 28th 2010, 7:10 pm EST

The first set of images for Resistance 3 have surfaced via this Flickr account. The images don’t paint a bright future for the human race. Regardless, looking at this concept art has me anticipating the games release date.

If you’re wondering how the story continues, it is suggested that Joseph Capelli, squadmate of Nathan Hale will be the focus of the 3rd game. This hasn’t been confirmed by Insomniac, but so far it’s all we’ve got.

Neither Insomniac or Sony have announced a release date, but expect Resistance 3 to hit store shelves in late 2011. You can check out the rest of the concept art below.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, that Flickr account has been taken down :(

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    That hits the target pelecftry. Thanks!

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