Nintendo 3DS ships February 26 in Japan, March for NA and Europe
Sep 29th 2010, 9:53 am EST

Nintendo just announced that the 3DS will start shipping on February 26th in Japan for ¥25,000 (about $298USD or $306CDN). The 3DS will launch in North America and Europe in March, however a final price has not yet been specified. At launch, the 3Ds will only be available in 2 flavours, “Aqua Blue” or “Cosmo Black”. The package comes with a charging cradle, 2GB SD card, telescoping metal stylus and six “paper cards” that can be used for playing the system’s built-in augmented reality games. (The 3DS’ outward-facing 3D camera will detect and replace them in the “scene” with different 3D objects.)

Do you speak Japanese? If so, this microsite that Nintendo just launched might be of some interest to you. Also, this PDF might mean more to you than it does to us. What we find is probably the coolest feature of the 3DS is its ability to create a Mii based on the photo it takes of you with its front-facing camera. Your Mii can be edited in the new “Mii Studio” for the 3DS. Other new apps coming to the 3Ds are “Nintendo 3DS cameras,” “Nintendo 3DS sound, “Chance Encounter Mii Plaza,” “AR Games” and “Book”.

Source: Joystiq

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