Biggest Money Grab Ever
Oct 6th 2010, 12:36 am EST

You know that annoying firmware update that Sony releases once in a while that requires you to be a technical genius… wait, it’s not really that difficult at all, it takes about 5 minutes and is free. But get this, a Best Buy in the US is charging the extremely low price of $30 for the same service. Just check out the photo above. What has happened to our world?

Source: Kotaku

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    Original title: the mayor of Paris hope tourists eager to push specialty Japanese propaganda called for the return to the [global network reporter reports Chu Xiaohui] according to Japan, “Asahi Shimbun” February 24 news, scheduled for February 29 day visit to Japan the mayor of Paris Hidalgo on Twitter account in Japanese bursts of tweets, Hu Yuan due to reduce the continuous terrorist attack incidents of Japanese tourists to return to Paris. In addition to Hidalgo released a security guard tweets, also please fashion and delicacy Master together, called on the road, “we look forward to”. Hidalgo’s Twitter account has 650 thousand people, she constantly add pictures of Eiffel Tower and said, “double configuration in the subway Patrol”, “first consider safety measures”. in addition, upload the chanel designer Karl & rsquo; Lagerfeld “like to go to Japan, expect the same in Paris and meet all of you” and French cuisine master Alain Ducasse “Japan and France for food with the same passion, please to French taste cited that Ho’s really delicious” message. It is reported that , one and a half months of November 2015 Paris multiple terrorist attacks occurred in fewer Japanese tourists 28000 passengers.
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    Original title: Liuyang every year 25 million funding support fireworks industry development net Liuyang station February 25 news (fireworks weekly reporter) Yu Binbin to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the city’s fireworks industry, accelerate promote industry intensive, equipment mechanization, standardization of production, information management, the Liuyang fireworks industry towards the direction of safety and environmental protection in a sustained, healthy and stable development. Recently, Liuyang City Government introduced “on accelerating the development of fireworks industry views”, will strengthen the fireworks industry cluster development of financial support. the “opinion” will come into operation from March 6, Liuyang annual financial arrangements for 25 million yuan of special funds, used to support the fireworks industry mergers and acquisitions, mechanization development and popularization, scientific and technological innovation, transformation upgrading, brand culture promotion, market development, service platform construction etc.. integration: 3 years no longer newly approved enterprises and remote to expand the production line industry consolidation, do bigger and stronger is the development trend of Liuyang fireworks industry future Liuyang will continue to accelerate integration and promotion, establish and improve the fireworks enterprises mergers and acquisitions, the exit mechanism for elimination of, and strictly control the number of enterprises, to the end of 2018 Liuyang fireworks enterprise to control the total number of more than 600 in; are encouraged to fireworks enterprises set up enterprise groups, mergers and other fireworks enterprises and implementation of chain business model, enhance the anti risk ability of the enterprise and the market control ability. Within three years, Liuyang no longer new batch of fireworks and firecracker enterprises and off-site expansion of production line, and strictly control the enterprise the site of the original peripheral new land expansion, and strictly control the production capacity expansion. in order to encourage mergers and acquisitions, support enterprises complementary advantages, powerful alliances, according to the situation of Liuyang finance will be awarded 10 – 200 thousand yuan. for fireworks production enterprises, the standard construction is the focus and fireworks enterprises to continuously improve the safety conditions of production, and gradually realize the factory standard design, production process standards, standardized safety operation and safety management standardization. in addition, Liuyang will vigorously promote the engineering of mechanized production of fireworks, promote the firecracker machinery research and development and application, encourage the development of fireworks mechanical problems, key support relates to drug production of fireworks machinery research and development projects. For all kinds of research and development and promotion of fireworks mechanization enterprise reward 5 – 500 thousand yuan. support: increase support for the export enterprises of design production Award for export fireworks and firecracker enterprises bigger and stronger, is inseparable from the scientific and technological innovation, in this regard, Liuyang will also accelerate promote scientific and technological innovation, and vigorously support the enterprise science and technology research and development and popularization and application of the results, focusing on support for the construction of the platform for the enterprise technology innovation. encourages enterprises and universities and raw materials enterprises to carry out technical cooperation, joint R & D, realize the industrialization of scientific research, given the enterprise reward 10 – 500 thousand yuan. in industrial development, encourage fireworks enterprise intensive management, through the form of a group or association, the establishment of uniform standards, a unified procurement of raw materials and unified brand production and sales cooperation organization, encourage the creation of online electronic mall, explore the o2o model fireworks retail model, promoting the construction of all kinds of products, professional cooperation organization. in logistics, Liuyang will accelerate the fireworks transport and logistics service development, building a fireworks dangerous goods transport logistics enterprises to enterprises or individuals to invest in, when the fixed assets investment of 500 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 20 million yuan of above were given 10 million, 20 million, 30 million reward. Will increase support for export fireworks companies, the establishment of export production award, continue to implement the special fireworks products and export mixed package products support policies. put forward the “opinions”, will accelerate the construction of firecrackers quality and safety demonstration area of national export fireworks enterprises demonstration area, give priority to the implementation of paperless inspection, electron transfer, electronic clearance, centralized examination and paperless customs clearance; priority inspection demonstration enterprises, from the enterprise to manage, add check up identification; arrange special funds in industrial development, for the detection of cost reduction demonstration enterprises, reduce the number of pumping rate for demonstration enterprises (inspection batch sampling rates reach at least 10%); demonstration enterprises have set off site (site) conditions, can apply for on-site discharge completion inspection; optimization of export commodity inspection registration certificate continue review audit procedures.
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  • Original title: Anqing Yixiu District Forestry Bureau, former director of check choose the country involved in corruption and where newspaper Xinan evening news Anhui network reporter signed text, pictures and copyrights are the Xinan evening all arrested. Any media, websites or individuals without authorization shall not reprint, link, posted or copied in other ways:; has been authorized by the media, web site, when in use must indicate “source: Xinan evening news or Anhui network”, and offenders will be prosecuted according to law legal liability. Xinan evening news Anhui network ( hearing Xinan evening news Anhui network reporter was informed on the 25th, Anqing Yixiu District People’s Procuratorate recently legally on suspicion of embezzlement of Yixiu District, Anqing City Forestry Bureau, former director of the check choose the country submitted to arrest, the Anqing Municipal People’s Procuratorate for examination and decision, has the selected search states to take coercive measures to arrest. it is understood, in January 2016, Anqing City Yixiu District People’s Procuratorate decided on suspicion of embezzlement check the Yixiu District, Anqing City Forestry Bureau, former director of the selected static and of country and Wang Wei Hong investigation. At present, the case is under further investigation. Xin’an Anhui evening news network reporter Jiang Liuqiao

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    Original title: Yueyang domestic industry “labor shortage” enterprise “grab people war net Yueyang station February 25 news (sub station reporter Houyong Intern He Jin) nanny missing people! Yuesao missing. Cleaning the lack of people! After the Spring Festival few field recruitment, many service industries have occupied recruitment will best position, recruitment notice” grab “. reporter found, with the gradually warming after the Spring Festival, domestic service, Yueyang City labor market ushered in the short “labor shortage”, especially in the domestic service industry, although salary has repeatedly raised, but the real sign of the does not have much. Some domestic companies to “grab people” have moves, even went straight to the communities, villages and towns, the recruitment will be open to the front of the residents of the home, to expect to hire more people. [situation] postganglionic domestic market supply and demand imbalance recruitment companies provided firewood “rob” “Festival after these back new year’s nanny should return, but many did not come.” As in Yueyang City, a large domestic service companies, seeing more and more business is booming, due to the lack of manpower, responsible for Chen Jiajia urgently sweating. on February 24, although from the Saturday large-scale comprehensive talent exchange will have three days, but Chen Jiajia is not idle, busy preparing for the day of the advertisement. “hands this year than in the past are nervous, although this year is also a lack of people, but the festival this year, the domestic market business than in previous years good, single appointment after much. Therefore, it is urgent to a large number of cleaning staff, part-time, nannies and Yuesao.” After the customer orders continued growth, the imbalance between supply and demand let Allison good domestic enterprises responsible person Chen Jiajia is really a headache. He told reporters that in order to recruit people, this year Hunan talent market held seven recruitment, their on-the-spot did not fall, and select the best booth, in the hope of attracting more attention. “It is very hard for housekeeping and childcare, wages are not ideal, often stay.” Center City: a Hongcai domestic relevant responsible person said, at present company nanny wages generally in 3500 to 4500 yuan, month sister-in-law wages 5000 yuan to 8000 yuan, even they provide social insurance, but still can’t keep. several other surveyed homemaking company responsible person also said, this year, the domestic market supply and demand is very uneven, Yuesao and nanny is in short supply relative to the demand, but job seekers who rarely, recruitment information made every day a, personnel or scarce. [cause] market demand surge lead to “club nanny little” “labor shortage” or early March will be eased Spring Festival after, whether it is domestic or other service industry why invariably will Naoqi labor shortage? How to make up for the gap? Yueyang City Family Service Industry Association staff analysis, after the Spring Festival of homemaking clerk to find, first of all because the housekeeping waiters majority is given priority to with the surrounding counties and cities population, once in the Spring Festival in this period of time, people are will to return home for the new year, and then we have a “club, a nanny less” situation. “this is a surface phenomenon, the deeper reason is that people’s living standards improved, expanding market demand and concentrated outbreak.” Labor Employment Service Bureau relevant responsible person said, with the increase of enterprise recruitment efforts, as well as domestic service personnel to the gang, in the situation of many small club nanny to 3 month will be eased. “The phenomenon of domestic service industry lack of people, will be carried out according to the laws of supply and demand of market regulation. Now, many service industries in the implementation of staff system, to stabilize the team, the staff is not so easy to loss, perhaps, through the system to keep people, keep people treatment and standardize the employment, the labor shortage phenomenon will be improved.” Family Service Industry Association staff said. in addition, for many years engaged in intermediary service small Cheng told reporters, the frequent replacement of the nanny is also a cause of tension between supply and demand. “Some employers have a bad habit of mind is not stop to replace the aunt, the problems encountered are not to communicate, but direct fired.” Small Cheng said, in the aunt’s dismissal at the same time, employers will require conduit company to provide a number of aunt for your own choice, in the critical perspective, both supply and demand matching counterpart is more difficult. [moves] recruitment booth moved to front of the residents of the home department of labor matchmaking bypass in order to recruit more people to help, make up for the shortage of labor, many domestic enterprises can be described as exert all over skill. “In order to find more nannies, we will recruit booth to move directly to the door of the communities, towns and townships, so that people with the skills and homes will be able to find a job.” Good Allison Chen Jiajia said the person in charge of domestic enterprises. Chen Jiajia said happily, through on-site recruitment, last week, more than 70 applicants and they signed a labor contract. To deal with personnel loss, they last year is aiming to cultivate a group of students, but also to absorb the many, these students learning 3 months, actual operation 3 months, after passing the examination to primary labor skills certificate posts, in specification and continue to develop fixed domestic teams. reporter from City family service industry association was informed that the Yueyang City currently has more than approximately 1350 family service agencies, industry practitioners are about 4 million people, at present thousands of people employment gap, lack of the scope of work involved in home care, housework, maternal and child care, cleaning green keeping multiple service categories. City Labor and Employment Service Bureau relevant responsible person said, help domestic enterprises recruitment, by the city people club department led “family service enterprises stationed in community interaction service action has been initiated, 40 companies were stationed in center city and Junshan District, Yunxi District etc. community, relying on the community public employment service platform, for residents to provide convenient housekeeping service at the same time, help domestic enterprises entered the group of apiration of to apply for a job, for businesses and job seekers matchmaking.
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    Original title: Guangdong persuaded to return to the “red” Chang Zheng had fled Canada is now returning to surrender according to Guangdong breeze network news, February 18, by coordinating the central anti-corruption group international pursuit of stolen goods office co-ordination and under the guidance of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and I in Canada with the embassy consulate assist, by adding persuaded to return to the program, Guangdong Province procuratorial organs successfully persuade “red” No. 49 often sign (see chart 1) returning surrendered. This is the 24 appearing in court “hundreds of red”. Chang Zheng, male, born in November 1969, the former Shenzhen City petroleum equipment import and Export Co., Ltd., vice general manager, suspected of corruption, in November 2011 and fled to Canada, Interpol red wanted by the order of the number A-1171/2-2014. Guangdong province pursuit Office attaches great importance to the case, concentrate all forces to pursuit. Guangdong Provincial People’s Procuratorate thorough and meticulous investigation and evidence collection work, strengthen bilateral judicial cooperation with canada. In the strong policy, legal deterrence, often eventually chose to return to. Chang Zheng said in arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport after returning surrendered is the correct choice made after careful consideration. In abroad for years, unable to care for their parents, and unable to meet their loved ones, much suffering. is now back to the motherland, must actively cooperate with the judicial investigation, confession, for leniency. syndrome is Skynet action in Guangdong province since second to “hundreds of red pass personnel”. Guangdong will further increase the international pursuit of stolen goods efforts, “there must escape chase, a catch in the end”. Editor:
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    Original title: Beijing Zhongguancun pilot foreign talent straight Shen China “green card” policy Video: the Ministry of Public Security: 20 Immigration New Deal support Beijing innovation and development     source: CCTV news China News Agency, Beijing February 25 (Reporter Yu LiXiao) in order to attract more overseas high-level talents and innovation and entrepreneurial team gather in Beijing, including overseas Chinese, can apply directly to the Chinese “green card”. Foreign students in Zhongguancun internships, part-time business such as 20 immigration policies and measures will be officially implemented on March 1,. China Zhongguancun is the first national independent innovation demonstration zone and the first national SAR personnel. The introduction of new services in Beijing innovation and Entrepreneurship of foreign high-level personnel, overseas Chinese and foreign entrepreneurial team members and foreign young students four categories of foreign talent, and in the Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration area of the first try first. to stimulate overseas Chinese return to innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, the new deal introduced the special for the convenience of expatriate Chinese long-term residence and permanent residence policy: in Zhongguancun venture overseas Chinese from 60 years of age limit, work permits and employer letter of guarantee by direct application is valid for 5 years working class residence permit, but also by the business plan directly apply for private affairs is valid for 5 years class residence permit. The of the new deal to apply for permanent residence to implement preferential treatment for overseas chinese. Overseas Chinese with doctoral degree, or enterprises in Zhongguancun over 4 years of continuous work, every year in the territory of China actually lived a total of not less than 6 months, can apply for permanent residence in china. The deal on entrepreneurial team members and foreign foreign technical personnel to provide convenient entry. Zhongguancun venture foreign team members and Zhongguancun business hiring of foreign technical personnel in advance completed work permit can be arrived at the ports, to apply for a work visa entry; too late to apply for work permit, upon their arrival at the port by entrepreneurial team responsible person or business with the invitation letter to apply for a talent visa entry. in addition, Zhongguancun venture foreign team members and Zhongguancun business hiring of foreign technical personnel from 60 years of age limit, after their entry, by work permits and employer letter of guarantee apply directly is valid for 5 years working class residence permit; member of the entrepreneurial team foreigners could not for a work permit, on the strength of the team responsible for the person the letter of guarantee for private affairs is valid for 5 years class residence permit. Zhongguancun venture foreign team members and Zhongguancun business hiring of foreign technical personnel, according to the Zhongguancun foreign talent integral evaluation standard score, reached a certain score, can apply for permanent residence in China. in addition to attract high-level foreign talent and entrepreneurial team, the new deal also highlighted the support of foreign young talents to Zhongguancun internship. By the Beijing Municipal Bureau of public security access to environmental management agencies for the record of Zhongguancun enterprises invited to come to practice outside the university foreign students can apply for private short-term visas to port visa agencies (charging “practice”) entry for practice activity; to other types of visa, apply in the territory of change for private short-term visas (charging “practice”) for practice activity. the Chinese Ministry of public security, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in Beijing set up the Zhongguancun foreigners permanent residence service hall, responsible for foreigners in Zhongguancun employment and innovation and entrepreneurship, accept and permanent residence and residence permit, visa audit and other aspects of the application, and the issuance of certificates, the provision of advisory services. The service hall on March 1st officially office. (end)
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