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We all have played those video games that are so great we just can’t wait for the sequel. But what happens when these more than deserving series get cut short. Well we at Banana Pixel have compiled a list of the top 5 game series that sorely need to be continued but unfortunately probably never will.   Continue Reading »

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Now that everybody on this planet is in love with Inception, Christopher Nolan is looking into making a game based on it.

“One thing we are looking at doing is developing a videogame based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can’t fit into a feature film,” he said during an interview with Variety. “That’s something we’ve been talking about and are looking at doing long-term, in a couple of years.”

What really has me intrigued is what type of game it would be, if it happens to be at least half as creative as the film then you can count me in. Let’s just hope we don’t get a GTA open-world clone.

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It seems rumors online are starting that LittleBigPlanet 2 might be delayed until next year. A release date for North America was set for November 16 of this year.

A Media Molecule rep had this to say about the rumor, “We won’t comment on rumour or speculation.”

The original LBP was delayed just days before  it’s release date due to an issue with a song that could be offensive to Muslims.

UPDATE: It is a rumor no more, Media Molecule has announced their upcoming adventure LittleBigPlanet 2 for PS3 will be delayed until 2011.

Source: VG247

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Some of you might remember the old ad campaign Sony had for the Ratchet and Clank series. We are such huge fans of that ad campaign, we wanted to share some of those commercials with you. Check out some of the weapons and gadgets not fit for this world. Continue Reading »

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Dead Space 2 hasn’t even come out yet and developers Visceral Games are already talking about a third installment to the series. Speaking with Eurogamer, executive producer Steve Papoutsis wants Dead Space 3 to become a reality, but only it could only happen with the community’s support.

“We’ve mapped out where we’d like to go with it. Not at a super high level of detail. But, for instance, we’ve just released our novel, Martyr. We’ve talked about the inception of the Unitology religion.”

“We’ve thought about it all. But ultimately, just like with Dead Space 2, we have to have the support from the players in order to do it. Hopefully the game comes out, people like it, it has critical support, and a lot of people buy it. And then we’ll get an opportunity to do another one.”

“Nobody’s going to just let you go and do another game just because. You have to have the people that are interested in it. That was what was great about Dead Space 2. There was such an outpouring of support that it was easy for us to get the company behind it and give us the opportunity to make it.”

I personally cannot wait until Dead Space 2 comes out. As a huge fan of the horror genre, I have be sadden by steady drop in quality horror games. Dead Space re-instilled my faith in the genre and the impending release of Dead Space 2 is something I can hardly wait for.

Source: Eurogamer

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Announced on August 12/10, Bioshock Infinite is neither a prequel or a sequel to the previous Bioshock games. It is its own stand alone game, taking place in a previous time and in a different setting. The game follows Booker DeWitt, a former member of the Pinkertons, a real life private US security and detective agency set up in the 1800s by Allan Pinkerton. The game takes place in the floating city of Columbia in 1912, where DeWitt is trying to save a woman trapped aboard the collapsing city.

This is the first time any of us here have seen actual gameplay footage of Bioshock Infinite. Although this video looks more like a cutscene thanks to all of the trigger events, it gives gamers a good look at what they can expect the game to look like once it comes out. The game is slated to be released some time in 2012, the same year as our prophesied end-time. Continue Reading »

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At the end of every month, we will be suggesting our favourite game released during that time (dubbed GOTM aka Game of the Month). This is part of our effort to get gamers to support developers who make games that are actually good. Now, this is not to say that it is impossible for two or more great games to come out at the same time (just take a look at what we will have to say about August in a bit), we’re just saying what we thought was the most enjoyable game for us in that particular month. Continue Reading »

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Those looking forward to watching 3D Blu-Ray movies from their Playstation 3 are about to have their prayers answered. The Playstation team is readying themselves for the release of firmware v3.50, which will also bring with it Facebook integration and Grief reporting. Continue Reading »

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Well, it’s about time already! Three days after the Playstation Move arrived on store shelves, the guys over at iFixit have performed a complete teardown of the Playstation Move. Scoring a sweet 8 out of 10  on the reparability index, the Playstation Move is built with a lot of the same components found in todays smart phones. Continue Reading »

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For those that need a refresher on the Donkey Kong high score record story, here it is. Billy Mitchell had the high score since 2007 only to be bested by newcomer Hank Chien this past March (his score was 1,061,700). But Mitchell reclaimed the top spot with a score of 1,062,800 in July. And now Steve Wiebe, has surpassed that with a score of 1,064,500.

Both Wiebe and Mitchell starred in the highly acclaimed documentary, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Source: Twin Galaxies